Group Booking Terms and Conditions

Manly Pavilion / Group Booking Terms and Conditions

Group & Set Menu – Terms & Booking Conditions:

Payment & Fees
 A deposit of 30% of the value of your booking is required to secure and confirm your booking
 Surcharge – a 10% surcharge will apply to all bookings on Sundays and Public Holidays

Final Numbers
 Confirmation of final guest numbers are required 10 days prior, this includes any special dietary requirements.
 Inside 5 days of your booking, no further cancellation or reduction to numbers will be accepted.

 The 30% deposit will be with-held as a cancellation fee if you cancel your booking
 In addition to the loss of deposit, if you cancel Inside 72 hours a further cancellation fee of 20% of the value of your booking
will be charged

Reserved Space
 Whilst we endeavour to secure your preferred space, management reserve the right to move your space to the best suited
area without notice
 Booking times for all lunchtime events, you are required to vacate your reserved space by 5.30pm to allow room for dinner
guests. You are welcome to relocate to the bar/lounge area to continue your celebrations
 2 Course set menu events; your table and space has been reserved for a maximum of 2 hours, if you wish to exceed this time
limit, venue hire fees apply
 3 course set menu events; your table and has been reserved for a maximum of 3 hours, if you wish to exceed this time limit,
venue hire fees apply

 The dress code is “smart casual”. Shoes are required to be worn at all times. Alcohol branded clothing is not allowed.
 Manly Pavilion is a complete non-smoking venue.
 The client is liable for the actions of their guests and party, and any damages or losses incurred resulting in a cost to Manly
Pavilion will be invoiced directly to the client
 To comply with council regulations, and for the comfort of our residential neighbours, no loud music is allowed on the terrace,
and all guests need to re-locate indoors by 10.00pm
 To comply with state licensing regulations all guests are required to vacate our premises before Midnight on Friday & Saturday
nights, and by 10pm on all other nights.
Manly Pavilion
 does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to any property belonging to the client and or clients guests
 reserves the right to exclude or remove any undesirable persons from the premises without liability
 reserves the right to cancel or re-locate the booking in the case of:

a) The venue or part of is closed due to circumstances beyond the restaurants control
b) The client becomes insolvent, bankrupt or enters into liquidation or receivership
c) The booking may prejudice the reputation of the venue
d) The deposit has not been paid by the due date